Workshop con Rafaela Montanaro
12.12.2016 alle ore 18:00

In occasione del Pole Sport World Championship IPSAF avremo in Italia molti grandi atleti, allo Studio Pole Dance di Monza ospiteremo la straordinaria Rafaela Montanaro

Rafaela Montanaro is not just a great athlete, but also an excellent teacher.

She uses her knowledge as an athlete since the age of three, which includes several national titles in Brazil as a gymnast and training experience in USA, she was also part of the Kung-fu Wushu Brazilian team in 2006, went to circus school in France and has a degree on Physical Education. Now she uses all that to help develop her true passion: Pole dance which she has been teaching around the world.

Academic Training

- Bachelors in Science; Physical Education. uniFMU. 2008

- Published articles at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):
Injuries in Artistic Gymnasts: Aspects of Brazilian Training Centers – Main Author; 2007 Brazilian Field
Hockey: Injuries and Individual Protection Equipment, is there a Relation? - Co-Author; 2007
Epidemiological Aspects of the Injuries in Basketball – Co-Author; 2007

-École National Des Arts Du cirque – Rosny Sous Bois – França – 2002/2003

- circus arts.

- Instituto de Artes e Ciências INDAC – Scenic Arts – 2003


1. FLIPS FLIPS FLIPS (90 min) 

Rafaela is knows for all her crazy flips on and off the pole and she can teach you some. From intermediate to the most advanced polers; from shoulder mount flips off the pole to stylish cartwheels with the help of the pole, and of course her very own “Montanaro Flip”. If you want to add an edge to your skills, this is the workshop for you!


For Basic and Intermediate level students that would like to experience different didactics to improve their techniques related to spins, their combos and compatible movements for this level on the pole.

3. SPINNING POLE (90 min) 

Harmony, Beauty and Grace. The Spin Pole requires more refined techniques to perform movements and combos. The students will be taught movements more appropriate for spin pole, in other words, movements that are more enjoyable for the public and their utilization in performances.

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12.12.2016 18:00
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